3 Fun & Low Key Fall Date Ideas

I’ll start off by saying that Fall has quickly become my favorite time of the year. I don’t know if it’s the crisp, cool air, the pretty, colorful pumpkins all around, the smell of pumpkin candles on a cozy Sunday morning or the leaves crunching under my toes when I’m walking with Roxy outside. But let’s face it, there is NOTHING quite like it.

Although I shared my Fall bucket list with you already, which you can read more about here, I thought it would be nice to share some low-key, but still fun and fall related date ideas.

These ideas can be for couples, girlfriends, mom and daughter, or even something you can do alone!

Apple Picking

this is just a fall date that can be so fun! You can start off the day by grabbing some coffee at your favorite cafe, then heading to the orchard for a fun day picking apples and climbing on each other to get them, eating cider donuts and browsing the cute market for all things fun related! We like to have some hard ciders, and scooped up some natural syrup this year!

Carve Pumpkins

This is a fun one! We always go pick out some nice big pumpkins (usually the grocery store is where you’ll find them the cheapest) then head home with a new carving kit and dig in! We set up the table at home, and sometimes bake the pumpkin seeds for a snack afterwards! Can’t forget the Halloween sugar cookies with the pumpkins on them LOL

Hocus Pocus Night

EVERY year I’m excited for Hocus Pocus!! Hands down will never get sick of it no matter how old I am and can’t wait to pass down the tradition to my children also! This year my whole family is having a night in where we will order pizza, make some apps and dessert while we lounge in our pjs watching the movie! Total Halloween must!

I hope you guys enjoyed these ideas and wondering what some of your Fall traditions are! Go comment below so we can all add to our lists 🙂


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