7 Sunday Habits to Prepare for the week ahead

Happy Sunday and thanks for heading here to read today! I’ve always found that when I have a great Sunday filled with relaxation and preparation for the week ahead, I wake up Monday morning ready to take anything on! I thought I would share some things I personally like to do on Sundays!

1. Have a slow morning

Do not rush to get out of bed, and when you do make a nice breakfast that you do not have the leisure of doing during the week on rushed mornings. On weekends, Joe and I wake up, lay in bed for a little while, then head to the kitchen to have a cup of coffee. We take Roxy our and then head back in to make breakfast. Usually we make whole wheat pancakes, hashbrowns, eggs and chicken sausage. Im thinking about making fresh homemade orange juice next weekend! It’s just so refreshing to not have to rush out the door and soak in the time together.

2. Write a to-do list for the week

If you are feeling overwhelmed, this will help you to organize your time, plan your meals and be a step ahead on what you have coming. I either use my planner to jot down what I need to do for the week, or I’ll just use the reminders app on my phone. Typically, I have two lists going- a weekly w and a daily one. The weekly one I’ll list in order of importance.

3. Schedule things in your planner

After writing your to-do list, grab your planner and write down important dates (doctors appointments, fun events, family time, workouts, etc.) No matter what it is that I have to do, I always write it in my planner. It helps me to stay structured and to actually get things done. If I don’t put a workout in my planner, its hard to get it done.

4. Meal prep

This will save you time, stress and money throughout the week! You will thank yourself for this when you go to reach in your cooler for breakfast or lunch! Also, make a list of what you will be having for dinner throughout the week and buy from the grocery store what it is that you’ll need – that way you aren’t making unnecessary trips to the grocery store during the week. We have a cute magnetic pad on our fridge that I use!

5. Plan your outfits

I am guilty of not doing this, however found it necessary to add to the list because it is something I want to start doing so when I wake up in the morning I have less to do- as this can take so much time planning and picking out accessories.

6. Make time for self-care

Sunday is the perfect day to schedule in some time for yourself and to re-set for the week! Take a bath, read a book, burn some essential oils – whatever it is you find relaxing, do it.

7. Go to bed early

It is SO important to get enough sleep and I’ve figured this out more recently! Lay in bed, phones away, tv either off or on super low… give yourself a good hour or two in bed to just relax with some essential oils and get some rest.



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