5 Ways To Become a Morning Person

I am naturally a night owl and can stay up all hours of the night if I really wanted to, but with my schedule change recently I have been makeshifting my way into becoming a morning person. It can be such a drastic change to make, but it can be done with a little will power and a few more easy steps, which I’m going to share with you today! These

  1. Go to sleep early – This might sound pretty obvious, but it makes all the difference in what you feel like in the morning. I try to get in bed around 9 so I can watch TV for an hour and then go to sleep between 10-10:30.
  2. Set your phone on “night mode”- I just recently found out about this mode that you can set via your settings on your phone. This setting adds an orange tint to your phone screen (opposed to the bright, blue light). The bright blue light of a phone screen makes it much harder to sleep. I usually set mine for 10pm – 5am.
  3. Set a few alarms! – This may not be enjoyable so early in the morning but I set alarms in 15 minute increments from 5am-6am! I can’t just pop right out of bed with the first alarm so I like to lay down still and give my body and mind some time to wake up before actually getting out of bed.
  4. Lay your clothes out- If you work or workout in the mornings, laying your clothes out the night before will help your morning run much smoother! The less I have to do before coffee, the better! I put my clothes right on my dresser, including my socks and underwear so I know exactly where everything is when I’m tired in the morning.
  5. Workout – Working out every single day will make you feel good and get your adrenaline pumping. Scheduling routine workouts and seeing results really helps!


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