8 Self-Care Ideas for the Weekend

Happy friday friends! Today we are having a work picnic for the second half of the day, so thankfully we get to disconnect from the computer and take some time to relax! Unfortunately I have to work tomorrow morning but only until 2:00 PM and then I’ll be off to get a fresh set of nails! I LOOK FORWARD to my weekends (who doesn’t) and am a firm believer of life/work balance. Of course working is important, but taking the time to unwind, re-charge, and connect with friends and family is the reason for us being.

During the week, life can be hectic. Between working, working out, cooking dinner, preparing lunch/snacks, walking my dogs and so on, it can be so difficult to relax. Most of our errands have to be saved for the weekend, so it can also be hard to focus on resting throughout the weekend also. Today I want to share with you 8 self-care tips for the weekend. We all DESERVE time to ourselves, and time to commit to taking care of our minds and body.

Sleep in// I can be guilty of not following this tip at times, especially when I want to wake up for spin class, or catch the earliest 9:30 AM nail appointment, or get errands done before the rush! But sleep, sleep is the most important thing we can do and one of the most neglected areas. We tend to go to sleep late and wake up early, without giving our bodies enough rest to recover. Think of sleep like a phone charger – once your phone starts to die, you plug it in to re-charge, right? Just the way we need to refuel our phones, we need to do the same thing with our bodies. So this weekend, say NO to those early morning plans and sleep a little longer. Your body will thank you!

Eat healthy & nutritious food//  I try to do this a majority of the time during the week but it can be really easy to fall off track on the weekends !  Of course it’s OK to have a cheat meal here and there because remember, one bad meal won’t make or break you ;  but I find that when I fall off track on the weekends it’s a lot harder for me to get back up on Monday morning –  Plus I feel extra tired and sluggish.  If you go out to dinner over the weekend you don’t have to be 100% healthy for try to all three things on the menu as much as you can to fit your needs..  and please don’t feel ashamed to alter things on the menu!  You are paying for your food so you should be able to eat what you want and of course be polite to the server while asking and they will have absolutely no problem altering something on the menu for you!  As a previous server of 10+ years, I’ve seen it all (and I’m a good alterer myself when I go out to eat) – plus how delish does that salad above look! YUMMMMM

Spend quality time with friends & family//  This is so important to me! During the week it’s so hard to make time to spend with our loved ones since we are constantly running around and I think it’s important to make time for everyone.  Plan a fun little outing, have some friends over for a homemade brunch, go see a local band.. get out and enjoy yourself (don’t think about the lightbulb you need to pick up from Home Depot or the laundry you have to do at home ..  set aside some time during the week to plan these things out and just enjoy yourself).  Most importantly,  don’t forget to live in the moment! This picture was taken at brunch in NYC for my birthday and it was so amazing!

Enjoy a face mask & relaxation// Always tell  yourself you’re going to take a nice relaxing bath with some Epsom salt and chill with a face mask? Welp, nows your chance babe.  Send your hubby out to the store and your kids to the movies and enjoy!  These avatara face masks are my favorite !  You can order them here & use my discount code SHANA30 for 30% off your order!  I will also be doing a blog post solely on the facemasks with a full review soon.

Get your sweat on // Beauty begins from the inside, and although sweating it out can of course help to transform our bodies, but it also makes us feel GOOD!! Sweating it out gets my adrenaline going and brings out those happy endorphins. NOTHING and no one can bring me down after a good sweat sesh– plus you’ll bring good vibes to all the people around you! Try taking a cycling class, or go hiking to spend some time outdoors! Your mind and body will thank you.

Watch the sunset// Sunsets are my favorite. They really disconnect you from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and make you enjoy the smaller things!  Most of the time I only get to enjoy a sunset while I’m driving, so when I get to sit somewhere & watch it (especially in front of a lake/ ocean) I feel so at ease. This picture was taken in Antigua- they had the most magical sunsets.

Unplug from social media// having an online business/ blog makes it so tempting to constantly be checking your Instagram or see how many views you got, but sometimes you need to put that ish away and focus on the now. Lay in bed and cuddle with your man! My favorite way to unplug is to get outdoors.. enjoy the views around you, the birds chirping, a good book. We need this every now and then because we are most loving and creative when we refuel our minds!

Take a day trip// Although day trips can sometimes involve a lot of planning, there are a lot of things to do that require little to no planning and it’s so nice to get out for the day! With the weather getting nice you can never go wrong with a day at the beach or going to a water park for some fun!  On rainy days it’s nice to go to a museum or go to dinner and a movie.  We also don’t realize how many amazing things there are to do in our own cities and we often take it for granted.  Spend some down time googling what there is to do in your area and I’m sure you will find some amazing spots you never heard of! Like to be creative? Pottery studios are awesome and I didn’t realize how much I loved it until my friends and I went!  I’ve had parties when I was younger at them but they are also great for adults too!  You can paint and design your own mug, cheese board or martini glass and much more!

I really hope you enjoyed this list and will use some of these tips to have a fun and relaxing weekend.  I would love to hear what plans you have and if you decided to do anything for yourself, comment below and let me know!  Have a fabulous weekend and stay tuned for my next post on Sunday xo


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