This post is SUPER QUICK and yes, the margarita in this photo we did not make (we got it from this kickass restaurant in Mohegan Sun) but it inspired me to share OUR margarita recipe, which is not only our fave- but a friend & family favorite also! Since summer is literally right around the corner, I thought it was the perfect time to share this simple and fresh recipe for your weekend festivities (and all summer long festivities). LOL With my previous bartending experience, I love to make quality drinks using the freshest ingredients! This is my most simple recipe, but I have a lot up my sleeve!

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+ Limes (make sure they are ripe!)
+ Oranges (feel for the juicy ones)
+ Triple Sec ( we like Patron citronage, but you can use triple sec also)
+ Tequila, of course (we like to use Patron Silver, but we also like Jose Reposado)


Those are literally all of the ingredients we use and it comes out perfect! I eyeball this recipe out, depending on how strong you like to make it, but for one batch, which fills a shaker cup, I typically use 3 shots of tequila, 4 shots triple sec, 3 fresh oranges and 4 fresh limes. Shake and pour ice cold margarita into a pretty glass with salt. You can use sugar too if you prefer or sometimes I mix the sugar and salt for that salty sweet type flavor.

We love making them frozen also, and when we do this we use the blender. We are thinking of buying this awesome margarita machine though when we get our house 🙂 Hope you guys try this recipe and let me know what you think!

B&B TIP: If you are having an outdoor party with lots of drinks involved, I suggest using plastic margarita glasses! Still stylish but less likely to break!


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