Current Obsession: Hair Scarves


I promise to have a wedding related blog post up tomorrow, but wanted to share this with ya’ll before the wedding so here I am… 2 weeks later! I am at this current stage in life where I just don’t know what I want to do with my hair…. I’ve tried it all over my teenage and early 20s years. I’ve gone from burgundy in the fall to black in the winter & blonde highlights in the summer, all while damaging my hair little at a time. I finally stopped dying it about 2 years ago and let it grow out a few inches before I went back to blonde highlights last year.

When I work I wear my hair up a lot to get it out if my face, so on the weekends I like to dress it up when I can. I went shopping at the Palisades Mall not too long ago and found some really cute hair scarves at Claire’s.. so it totally got me loving the trend. It’s such an easy way to spruce up an outfit or add some sass when transitioning from a day to evening outfit!


Shop some of my current favorites.




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