Dutchess County Fair

Happy Tuesday! To make up for being MIA most of August, I am posting every single day for the next week straight! I have so much amazing content and haven’t posted any of it because I am not thrilled with my photo quality and editing skills so I have been holding off until I become better at editing, but I thought about it and realized it is best to learn as I go and share as much with you as I can! Plus, who wants to read about summer activities in the Fall/Winter, right? I have been looking into some photography courses and am so excited to add this to my “to-do” list this Fall! It is going to be so much fun and I am really hoping it will help my up the quality of my photos.

On Saturday I went to the Dutchess County Fair, so I wanted to share some pictures with you guys! If anyone lives in the surrounding counties I definitely recommend going next year (it’s only 5 days long, unfortunately). It Is a super fun time and you can literally spend ALL day long here! We got there at about 1pm and left at 7pm, but easily could have stayed until closing (which I think is 11 or midnight). I wanted to share what there is to do and see so continue reading below to find out 🙂


If you are worried about not being able to eat healthy while at this fair, then DON’T FRET because there is something for EVERYONE! I am back on my healthy eating kick and I was satisfied with the options. I got a grilled chicken pita with tazitzki sauce, an although the pita has white flour, it was one of the better options. I could have opted for a grilled chicken and salad plate or corn on the cob. They had a stand from “Lemongrass Grill” as well with a ton of healthier options. They also had a ton of other stands – Mexican, Chinese, Italian, Sausage and Peppers, blooming onions, fried foods, wraps/paninis/sandwiches and so much more. For dessert options they had chocolate covered frozen bananas, apple crisp pies, fried candy bars, kettle corn, candy apples, cotton candy – just to name a few. They also had a really cute apple cider donut stand and a coffee shop! For all you drinkers out there, they have a beer garden, wine, cider tastings and a bar 🙂 There really is something for everyone. Oh, and they have a DIY slushie stand too!


Shocked at how many activities there are for people of all ages !  Amount of games offered is insane –  we played basketball, a bottle caps game, shooting game ( you have to try and remove the star off the sheet of paper) and of course the game you try to win fishes LOL  there are so many games for children as well including the water gun game! They have about 30 rides I would say, maybe more.  They had another awesome activities like sand art, characature drawings (which me and my brother did as you can see above), a walk through exotic animal farm (consisting of monkeys and kangaroos)!  My brother and I got to take a picture with a baby kangaroo and it was the most amazing thing in the world!  They also have dog shows and talent shows.


The amount of vendors that they had was incredible! So many cute little shops both indoors and outdoors! You can get everything from key chains to furniture- the selection is HUGE !

I really hope you all get a chance to check it out next year or go to a local fair! They are always so much fun!



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