Easy Dinner Date Look

Happy Sunday! Omg this weekend has been so relaxing lately and I’m L O V I N G it! I got two bunnies this week so Friday night Joe and I spent about 2 hours putting their cage together – they love it! I’ll show pics of them soon! They are the cutest ever. It’s been rough trying to ween them and my dog together because Roxy keeps barking at them non-stop! Anyone else have bunnies and can share some helpful tips? LOL

Saturday I spent the day at my Aunts pool for her birthday and then went to an Italian Feast at night/ we had the best grilled cheese from this food truck that sells ONLY grilled cheese. Anything you can imagine, he’ll make for you! I got grilled cheese with cheddar and apples and Joe got BBQ chicken in his. So delish! Yesterday we got in a workout and went to dinner and a movie with our friends in CT! We saw War for the Planet of the Apes and it was good ! I teared a little (Cornelius is my boo). I also did a little shoot last night before dinner with my outfit but I wanted to share with you guys this simple date night outfit!

I wore this to a Mexican restaurant, because whenever we do Mexican, I eat about 2 baskets of chips (not sexy, I know). I’m working on self control in this department and trying to eat less of them but the chips are my favorite part! Wait, the margaritas are. Ugh it all is, who am I kidding! This outfit made me feel comfortable because I can keep this shawl as closed or as open as I want (hide the food baby) and I wore flats this time because I was out walking all day prior. As you can see, these photos were taken at sunset so they are darker than most of my photos and I will try to stay away from this type of lighting with future posts. To tie this look together, I added some bright red lipstick, using Kylie Cosmetics of course because it doesn’t come off all night long!

I hope you enjoyed this look and although I don’t have these exact items to link, I’ve linked similar items at the bottom of the post!

I really want to keep my posts on more of a regime (3 per week, at a similar time each day). In the next post I’ll have days/ times listed and also adding a new segment to my blog so stay tuned ! Happy Monday and try to make the best of today!



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