Easy DIY Festive Pumpkin Decor

Today was definitely an adjustment coming back from Mohegan Sun last night and then having to head to work this morning! Luckily, I got to head in at 11 this morning because I definitely needed some R&R! Mohegan Sun was such a great time – we went to the outlets at Foxwoods, gambled of course and drank lots of margaritas. If you know what it feels like to overdo your bod, then you know how I was feeling yesterday (and today). I haven’t worked out in three days and my body is definitely feeling it. We try to stay as active as we can when we go away, but sometimes the atmosphere really makes it difficult to focus – especially when being in a casino. I just got out of work and now I’m headed to the gym for my first workout since Friday but I know how great I’ll feel afterwards.

When we got home last night I realized that I left my Canon camera and my wallet in the safe of our room – so immediately I was freaking out and called the hotel! Luckily, security was able to open the safe and retrieve my stuff, which they’re going to be mailing out to me this week! We always double and triple check the room when we leave but I usually don’t leave things in the safe so I didn’t think to check there before we left the room. Although I’m happy and grateful that my stuff wasn’t stolen, I’m a little nervous of them shipping my camera back in the mail and hoping that they can wrap it in bubble wrap to prevent it from getting damaged.

Well enough of me blabbing! When I got home my mom had this beautiful white pumpkin that she decorated herself sitting on my coffee table (if you follow me on Instagram then you know that we are currently looking for our own home so we reside in my parents house upstairs). We have a good chunk of space // a big bedroom that we turned into a studio (we have a couch and coffee table in there) with a huge flatscreen and our own bathroom. I also have four closets upstairs so I’m grateful that I have this large space to hold all of my clothes!

Fall has quickly become my favorite time of the year! It’s so cozy and magical, everything about it is enticing – from drinking hot apple cider, toasting marshmallows over the hot fire and cuddling while watching Hocus Pocus.
So I must give credit, where credit is due! I love this pumpkin so much, so I thought it would be fun to do this post and share how my mom created this DIY pumpkin Decor. It may be a little on the time consuming end, but I think with a little patience, it’s easy enough for anyone to do and is the perfect addition to any room in your home!

If you’re not crafty and rather shop some cute fall decor, I included some stuff that I picked out at the end of this post!

Here’s what you will need:

Here’s what you Need:
· A pumpkin
· White spray paint
· Cute stickers (my mom actually got these at the dollar store)
· A glue gun
· Glue sticks
· Ribbon of your choice (she went with a Fall look)
· Your imagination

How to:
· Carefully spray your pumpkin (outside) until the entire thing is sprayed white! Don’t spray the stem!
· Let dry for a few hours or overnight
· Using the stickers of your choice, glue them to the pumpkin using the glue gun and glue sticks.
· Tie a piece of ribbon around the stem and wa-la!


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