Fall Apple Cider Mimosas

I wrote this post already and as soon as I went to post somehow it deleted so here I am re-writing it lol. I LOVE brunch and I’ve seen these apple cider mimosas before and have been wanting to give them a try. Since I was making brunch for my family this morning, I decided it would be the perfect way to have some fall spirit in the house.

My boyfriend still loves the average orange juice Mimosa but I thought this was a cool twist.. and very yummy with my whole wheat cinnamon French toast! Anyway, it is super easy to make and you only need two ingredients! I cut up some apples and garnished the champagne glasses with them, I got these glasses from the dollar store because for some reason I don’t have regular champagne glasses (not really sure why) ..but these will do for now.

I filled the glass halfway with apple cider and topped it off with champagne. You really want to get fancy you can rim the glass with cinnamon sugar! Also recommend getting your apple cider from a local farm if you have one. It’s a lot fresher and better tasting (personally). Like I mentioned I paired this with cinnamon French toast and some sugar-free maple syrup up to keep it on the lighter side and it was the perfect combination!

If you decide to do brunch with in the next few weeks I hope that you’ll try this recipe out because it’s worth it!


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