Fall Nail Colors

I’ve always changed up my nail routine for as long as I can remember- acrylic, nothing, gel, nothing, regular polish, nothing, SNS…… and back to just regular polish LOL. I’m trying to go more natural in everything (including beauty and hair products) and although nail polish is not natural, to me it’s way more natural than acrylic which is completely damaging to your nails, hence why I stopped getting it! I’ve been painting my nails on my own for the past few weeks, but my cuticles really needed a GOOD cleaning, so I decided to get a manicure at the salon. The amount of cuticles that came off my nails was both disgusting, yet utterly satisfying at the same time. Anyone else? After I got my nails done, I was inspired to share a post with my favorite nail colors! I couldn’t choose while I was at the salon, so I took a photo of all the colors I liked for next time, and thought I’d share them!

“Booties on Broadway” (Essie)

“In Stitches” (Essie)

“Smokin Hot” (Essie)

“Angora Cardi” (Essie)

“Bordeaux” (Essie)

“Say It Ain’t Soho” (Essie)

“Stop Drop And Shop” (Essie)

“Just in Wine” (Sally Hansen)

“Sand Storm” (Sally Hansen)

“Show Steel-er” (Sally Hansen)


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