Fall Starbucks Drinks & How to Order them

Today I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite fall drinks with you. I know fall is all about the pumpkin spice, but lately I’ve been craving something more, not so basic?!? LOL

Whenever I hit up Starbucks, I try to order something on the different side, so I will play around with flavors and so on until I find what I like! Below are 3 of my faves that I’ve been lovin lately… happy drankin!

Maple Pecan White Mocha Latte

This is a good one! I just ordered it today with a little help from the Starbucks Barista! I’ve always loved white mocha, but it sort of was a phase that died down quickly. Today I got to mix an old fave with a current fave and it’s definitely something I’ll be drinking in the near future again.

Ask for: Venti iced (or hot) latte with coconut milk, 2 pumps white mocha (they normally put 6) and 1 pump maple pecan.

Dirty Pumpkin Chai Tea Latte

I used to order this before it was actually on the Starbucks menu, but apparently their order is a little bit different than how I tend to order it. I know these drinks aren’t the healthiest, but when I order them, I tend to get half the amount of pumps that they normally put in. With this one, I get only 3 pumps Chai & 2 pumps pumpkin. I think they put 6 of EACH, which to me is very extreme and way too sweet.

Ask for: Venti iced chai tea latte with only 3 pumps chai, almond milk, 2 pumps pumkin, and a shot of espresso.

Cinnamon Dolce Vanilla Iced coffee

This one is a classic that I love! The perfect blend and sometimes I change it up by switching out coconut milk and half and half.

Ask for: Venti iced coffee with 2 pumps sugar free cinnamon dolce and 1 pump sugar free vanilla! (Add desired milk)

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