I totally know my dad would be 100% happy with a handwritten card.. and he cries every year by the way haha BUT I always want to make gift giving something special! It’s not something we do often so when the opportunity comes around, I want to show my dad how important and special he is, especially because he is the man who has given you the entire world and been there for you no matter what, of course!

Every year, we like to spend Father’s Day doing something fun and memorable- we always enjoy spending time together, regardless how dysfunctional it can be (wouldn’t have it any other way, though)! In addition to spending a fun day out, I like to put a lot of thought into the gift and get creative with it! I searched for a ton of gifts that aren’t your so called “typical” father’s day gifts – things that are affordable but also super functional!

Amazon also has some really great gift ideas in each category, so go check those out too!

I also wanted to share some fun Father’s Day activities, other than the typical dinner idea:

1/ BBQ – This may sound “typical” but throw some steaks marinated in Jack Daniels bbq sauce (thank me later) with some corn on the cob & rice! Play some music, make pina coladas and memories!



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