Favorite MUA Liquid Lipsticks

Hi lovebugs – we are OFFICIALLY HALFWAY through the week and I can’t wait to sip on some wine after my workout tonight just to celebrate LIFE lol. So if you love CVS and their coupons the way I do, you get all excited when you get a 20% off coupon sent to your CVS card, am I right!? 🙂

Usually, when this happens, I head on over to the local CVS and see what deals I can scoop up! I can usually leave there spending between $10-$20 on a few new make-up pieces to add to my collection. If you’re interested in learning how, keep on reading. So first things firsts- sign up for a CVS rewards card if you don’t already have one. Then, download the app and link up your card and e-mail. This is super easy to do! Once that is taken care of, you will get e-mail notifications when new coupons are available, which you can download right to your CVS store card! Okay so now (imagining) we are at CVS and we scan our card/type in our number at the KIOSK.. all of our coupons print out and we start browsing. This is where it gets fun LOL. Most of the time you will get one towards a beauty purchase, and don’t forget for every $50 spent on beauty products, you get $5 CVS bucks! You don’t even have to spend a minimum to use these which I love.

These MUA liquid lipsticks were a score for me, because at the time they were $10.00 each but on sale for buy 1 get 1 free. Then I had $5 rewards bucks and an additional 20% off coupon! I wound up paying like $11 for all four of them!! Right now they are on sale for $6.75 each with free shipping and you can use any additional coupons you may have. If you have a 20% off coupon, you can get them for as little as $5.40 each. Sorry for all the math involved but I get so hyped when I get a good deal so I wanted to share with you all!

These liquid lipsticks are my FAVORITE! If you know me, you know I LOVE Kylie’s liquid lipsticks but if you want a range of colors, the price will begin to stack up. These are almost just as do-able and can save you lots! I picked up four different shades because they are each unique and beautiful! I absolutely love how long lasting they really are (I ate and drank some wine and it didn’t even come off)! Aside for this the smell is fabulous that you’ll want to eat it and they are so smooth when applying and not sticky. I absolutely hate sticky lipsticks.


This one of by far my favorite shade? The color is so rich and it honestly goes with everything. It’s similar to Kylie’s “Dolce” and “Moon” color. This is the second color on my swatch all the way below. You can buy this shade here.


This shade is perfect for a day at the beach/ pool or a night out! It’s so fun and girly and goes well with warm or cool tones! This is the third one down on the swatches below. I would say this one is compatible to Kylie’s Candy shade. You can purchase this shade here.


This color is for all my sexy ladies tryna be bold and fierce! Own it chicas because this color will make you feel like the woman you are! lol it’s the last one on the swatches below.  You can buy this shade here.

4. Magenta

Definitely the darkest of them all and is a rich purplish mauve color. It’s so vibrant and sexy.  I will compare this to Kylies Koko K color. This is the first one in the swatches and you can buy it here

I hope you enjoyed this post and I’ll see you back here tomorrow for another post! (I know I’m getting crazy now with 3 posts in a roll but I’m loving it). If you decide to get them, let me know what you think xoxo


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