February Prompts/ Instagram Ideas

We are already one month into 2017 and I can’t believe how fast the time is going already! Towards the end of the month our brains can start to get a little foggy and we can run of out ideas of things to post on our feed if were looking to promote ourselves via social media or just for fun. This time of the year means chilly weather, warm hearts and memories galore. I believe it is so important to capture our memories artistically. I compiled a list of some random, but fun prompts to get you feeling creative. Feel free to use any of the below ideas for inspiration that can be used on Instagram, for blog posts, or just for fun!

This is a greay way to warm yourself up in expanding your photography skills. Everyday, there is a new photo for you to create.  Really hope you enjoy these ideas and have a lot of fun with this.  Use the #spFebruary for a chance to be featured on my blog with next months post!


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