February Wishlist & What to Expect on the Blog

Hey, babes! As you all may know, Joe and I just recently moved into our home and have been working on it every single day! I always heard from everyone that owning a home was A LOT of work, but didn’t realize how much blood, sweat and tears actually went into it until we experienced it on our own! Needless to say, whenever I am not working either of my jobs, im doing something “house” related. That ranges from phone calls for trees to be cut down and gutters to be installed, to picking our home decor, painting and everything in between!

Although we still have endless things to complete and work on, one of my goals this year is to make this little space of mine here on the internet more of a priority. That includes writing more and being active on stories and my feed! I have so much planned for this site of mine this year and I can NOT wait to share with you all! I’ve been sitting down and jotting down notes on what I want to talk about here with all of you and a lot of content will of course be home based (decor, cleaning tips, etc) but I also want to focus more on the wellness aspect of my life. Fitness has always been such a HUGE part of my journey and now that things are easing up a bit, I can start meal prepping and preparing a lot more- so stay tuned for wellness tips, workout playlists and healthy recipes! I also plan on sharing a lot of beauty based content, daily outfit inspiration and self care.

So now that we talked about my plans for this space, I wanted to do a little round up here on the blog at the beginning of each month sharing some of my new finds + things in my cart! Here’s a list of things I am loving this month.

February Wish List

With Spring right around the corner, or at least in hopes of it being right around the corner, I can’t wait to tackle some outdoor decorating on our porch and this cute set is a MUST!

This oversized thermal looks so comfy and cozy! Y’all already know anything cozy is a necessity in my closet!

I’ve been looking into Tula’s skincare products for quite some time now and I think I am finally ready to make the plunge! I usually do a lot of research before putting anything on my face and because their products are infused with all natural ingredients, I’m ready to give it a try!

Give me all the cute sneakers! I can live in these!

I love taking a casual outfit and amping it up for a night out with some fun jewelry! This necklace is the perfect price point and would go with basically anything!

Something on my to-do list is to make the living room more homey, starting with these adorable floor cushions I’ve been obsessing over.

A good denim jacket can go a long way! I love that this one is longer, so I think it would look best with leggings!

Anything personalized makes me warm and fuzzy inside. I love this ring tray, and also think it would make for a cute valentine’s day gift!

I’m interested in reading this book! It seems like it has a lot of amazing recipes that are natural!

I didn’t want to take the dive on this one and spend so much money on a blanket, but with the temps dropping in the single digits, I think its a must. Something a warm cozy night on the couch with a good movie makes me happy.

Plants. I am ALLL about them! I am slowly transitioning into all things green and these plants are just too good to pass up!

I am thinking about putting these somewhere in the hallway!

This crescent necklace is a splurge, but so trendy and a quality, staple piece to wear everyday.

Always, always, always looking for new sunnies and love these!

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