Fun End Of Summer Date Ideas


Although I am so sad to see the summer coming to a quick end, I am really looking forward to fall activities and some cooler temps. No, I am definitely not looking forward to the snow but am learning how to embrace what is to come. I don’t know if I am the only one that feels this way, but summer came and went for me! I feel like I blinked my eyes, and BOOM, labor day weekend.. anyone else? I think it is because we had to pack up all of our things and move in temporarily with Joe’s family, and also had to help my parents move too. I feel like I didn’t really get to just enjoy this summer because I’ve been all over the place.

I want to enjoy this “last” week of summer as best as I can before sipping some pumpkin iced coffee and going apple picking. (Spoiler: I had pumpkin iced coffee for the first time yesterday – it was good but not doing it again until September LOL).

LIFE HACK: We are always looking for fun and exciting date ideas, so whenever I come up with a cool idea or see one as I’m browsing the internet, I write it in the notepad on my phone so we have it to refer back to later on.

I thought it would be fun to share some date night ideas with you guys, because after so many years it can get difficult to come up with NEW and exciting ideas. Some of these we have done already, some we have not; some are completely free and others cost a little. I wanted to include a wide range of date ideas for everyone! Although we have a lot of repeat date night ideas, it’s alwaya exciting to try something new and spontaneous together 🙂

1// Picnic

Okay, this might sound original to you BUT let’s face it, have you ever really went on a picnic together? We’ve been saying we want to do this for years and we haven’t gotten to it yet but this is on my bucketlist for sure! I’m thinking to go somewhere quiet near the water, play some music, indulge with some wine and keep it simple with some deli sandwiches and fruit/cheese (probably pretzels/peanut butter for Joe LOL).

2// Dinner boat cruise

We did this one year on Fourth of July in Manhattan and it was MAGICAL! Why save this idea only for a holiday though? There are so many boat cruise companies in westchester and NYC that do great dinner cruises for great prices! I also love browsing Groupon for events like this because most of the time I can get a really great deal !

How I like to look at it –  save money on this date night,  have some extra cash for another date night.

3// Visit a farmers market together

And while you are there, pick up some fresh potatoes and string beans and make a cold salad with it (YUMMM)! This is a fun, low key day that costs little to no spending and you can both become one with the outdoors again.

4// Make homemade ice cream!

Who doesn’t like ice cream and a new project?

5// Bike through pretty trails

This is our number uno activity to do together. We burn a sweat, we have fun, we enjoy the outdoors and each other. It is something we both love to do together. This may not be for you and your hubs, but find that one thing you love to do together, and do it more often. We invested in a bike rack to pop the bikes on and explore more places, so this is something I really want to start doing more. I can’t wait to ride along the West side highway in NYC!

6// Light a firepit and roast some smores

Again…another favorite of ours! I know this is an a activity that goes into the Fall season, but it really begins now. Grab some rosè ciders, your loved ones & some s’mores!



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