Hair Care Tips & My Current Routine

I am currently in the process of trying to get my hair back to a healthy state. If you know my hair history, then you know that I have dyed my hair since my younger years (middle school) and I’m really regretting all the times I’ve chosen to switch my hair from burgundy to brown and then back to blonde again (all with too much processing and a lot of bleach). It’s been a year now since I have put any chemicals and dyes in my hair and I’ve really been focusing more on using natural products and finding ways to make my hair thicker, fuller and just overall healthier.

When the weather gets cooler, my hair gets a whole lot better lookin! Less friz, less effort and less time to manage it! In the past year, I’ve learned a lot more about how to manage my hair, so I’ll be sharing some of my tips + tricks, as well as the products ive been using, which are total game changers in the hair world.

Tips for healthy hair…

1. Use quality shampoo + conditioners

Cheap products contain cheap ingredients – like alcohol and astringent sulfates which can be the death of your hair!

2. Deep Condition

Damaged hair is a void of moisture, applying a deep hydrating conditioning mask after you condition for 3-5 min softens the cuticles in your hair and keeps it from looking and feeling like straw!

3. Never sleep with wet hair

Hair is at it’s most fragile when it is wet, so sleeping with wet hair can increase the risk of breakage. Invest in a wet hair brush (this one is my favorite) and let your hair air dry whenever possible (cut out blow drying as much as you can)!

4. Get Routine Hair Cuts

I will never compromise length for a healthy, thick cut! I recently chopped 4 inches off and suprisingly am loving it!

5. Minimize styling

If you don’t have a nice event to go to or you are lounging at home, try not to use a straightener or curling iron. The less heat you put on your hair the better. If you need to get ready quick, I recommend the Turbo blow dryer, which dries my hair in under 5 minutes and causing little to no damage to my ends!

6. Be patient

This is necessary in the process of bringing your hair back to a healthy state. The longer the better! I waited a whole year before I put dye in my hair again and it has never felt better!

The routine and products….

1// Air dry

2// Braid at night

3// Dry shampoo

4// Texture spray

5// Style

6// Accessorize

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