How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes


Hi beauties!

Today’s post is going to be short + sweet! We’re headed to a wedding for our very close friends today, so I want to congratulate the ALMOST Mr. & Mrs! I’m doing this post because, well, I actually just cleaned my brushes this week and boy did they need it! I have NEVER looked up a single video on how to clean brushes or read up about it anywhere online. Typically, when doing something for the first time I google it right away. With this, I figured, “Ehh, how hard can it be.” And it really wasn’t difficult at all – maybe there is a faster, easier way that you have but I wanted to share with you how I clean mine. However, because of an error on my end, my brushes cracked a little bit so I wanted to also share what NOT to do! Of course, we all have our “daily” brushes and then the ones we use not so often or for special occasions.  Heres a little tip – I did NOT clean my 3 favorite everyday brushes the same time I cleaned my others. Reason being, it takes over a day for them to really dry out and we all know we don’t want to be using wet brushes on our faches (this means faces in Italian for anyone who didn’t know), am I right? LOL


I like to keep it as simple as possible and really only use one product. Any brush cleaner is fine, they all do the same thing. I’ve only used the liquid version but thinking of trying the solid version soon.


The cleanser, a hand towel, a sink, cup or container and your brushes.


When I say this is easy, I mean really easy! All I do is run the brushes under the water and then drop a dime size amount of cleaner on each one. Once I’ve gotten a good amount of the cleanser on the bristles, I move the brush on the palm of my hand to help work the soap all around. You’ll start to see all of the pigment pour out! (It’s so satisfying) Continue to do this until the water runs clear!

TIP- Use warm water, as this will help loosen the pigment from the bristles!

Once they’re totally clean, gently remove any excess by squeezing the brushes with your fingers and then lay them flat on a towel. What I did wrong was soak the brushes in a container with warm water afterwards to let any excess product seep out. I left them in overnight, which caused the brush handles to crack. I can still use the brushes but now they don’t look as crisp and new (sad face). If you do decide to soak your brushes, I would recommend doing it only for about 30min to an hour!

I can do a full post detailing why I love each brush and what I use them for if you want, just comment and let me know! I’ve linked a few of my favorite everyday brushes below.



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