How to Decorate Kitchen Shelves

Welcome to my kitchen! The place where it all goes down… endless amounts of cooking delicious meals only to eat it in 10 minutes and then spend another hour cleaning up LMAO.. anyone else feel this way? Let’s face it though, the kitchen is where the magic happens. Every time we entertain, we always, ALWAYS wind up in the kitchen. We didn’t get a chance to re-do our kitchen yet, but its something that will be in the works very soon. In the meantime, I really wanted to make it feel as much “me” as possible until we get new cabinets and appliances. Part of our kitchen wall didn’t have cabinets, so I turned that space into a cute little area with these shelves and added some little touches to it to give it a homey vibe. Here’s how I did it.

Pick a shelf 

Measure the space you’re working with and decide how much space you want to be taken up by shelves. I liked to have a majority of the space “used.” This way, you know exactly what size shelf to order. I really love floating shelves for the kitchen because you don’t see any brackets and it gives it a much “neater” look.

Find a focus point

My focus point was this letter board, and then I found a really cute quote to put on it that was funny and related to coffee, since it is above my coffee pot and anyone can relate to this, am I right?! It is also a really great conversation starter. Once you find the focus point, you can find other cute

Add Plants, Cups & Bowls

These are our bowls that we use when we have company over, but because they are so pretty I thought they would look adorable on the shelves and then I added some cute plants and cups to give it a farmhouse chic vibe. You can decorate your shelves however you like, but this was the look I was going for and I love how they turned out!


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