I’ve been seeing this so called “pink drink” all over the place and I was trying to stay away from ordering this, but yesterday was so hot out and the sun was blaring – so this drink was calling my name.

I have heard it was so refreshing and the perfect summer treat!

My mom and I sat outside chatting about life for a few hours while sippin on this beauty. It was exactly as I had expected. I love coconut milk so the combination of that with the fresh berries was really satisfying. Although I love my starbs, I am trying not to make as many trips as I normally do and save some money by making my own version of my favorites! I am going to be making this a lot at home in the summer, and the best part is that you can make a HUGE batch to refrigerate to drink throughout the week. Even better, this at-home version is wayyyyyy healthier and I personally believe it tastes better, as I prefer drinks that are unsweetened. You can alter the sweetness to your taste!

** This recipe makes one drink – I would times the recipe by 5 to make a full pitcher. Can modify ingredients to your liking **


+ 1 fresh strawberry
+ 1/2 cup coconut milk
+ 1/2 cup brewed and chilled Youthberry Teavanna Tea
+ Agave nectar (optional)


+ Muddle strawberries to release all of the flavor. You can place the strawberries in a glass and use this muddler. This is such a great piece to have and I use it for a lot of my drinks!
+ Add ice to cup with muddled strawberries
+ Add the brewed and chilled tea
+ Shake or stir (I personally love to shake all of my drinks)
+Top with coconut milk

Starbucks uses acai in their beverages to add a powerful healthy punch. You can totally add an acai supplement or use flavored teas to create your own fun flavors!

I hope you enjoyed this quick, easy & fun copycat pink drink recipe! Do you want to see more recipes on the blog? Comment here and let me know!


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