How to Hang a Gallery Wall Frame

Pick your photos.

One of my biggest tips when designing the over-all look and feel of your gallery is to make sure you choose your photos for the frames first. Decide what you want to showcase when friends and family come over and then decide what will match best with the space you are working with. For example, do you want them all in color, black and white, sepia? These are all thoughts to keep in mind! I would also try to keep a common theme and something that ties everything together. We chose family photos as ours!

Pick a frame.

One of the questions I got asked when I shared these on instagram is are which frames we have for our gallery wall. I actually found our frames at Target. They are such a good price and for 12 frames comes to under $200. I browsed so many sites that were over $500 and ALWAYS shop around and make sure I am getting the best bang for my buck no matter what it is I am purchasing. The actual photos themselves are 8×10 and the frames are a little bit bigger.

Lay it out.

Before you even start to measure or hang, I recommend laying everything out on the floor (exactly like you want it on the wall).  It’s the best way to really see how things will look, spacing etc. I also recommend taking a photo of it, so you can reference it later.

Measure once, twice, three times.

No matter how you want your gallery wall spaced, measuring it multiple times is major key! Trust me, you don’t want to be halfway through hanging your gallery only to realize you measured wrong. I won’t lie- the process of this was really hard and there were times me and Joe wanted to give in and be done with it, but we stuck it through til the end and clearly I am so happy we did. It definitely took us about 3 hours or so and was really slow moving in the beginning, but once you get the hang of it, it gets easier with each frame.

Tip #1 – Take into account the hanging mechanism on the back of the frame when measuring and thinking of spacing.

Tip #2 – Measure from the center of the space you are working with and work your way out! Using our gallery as an example, we measured from the center of our couch, not the entire wall space we were working with.

Tip #3: Use painters tape to pre-measure the space on the wall.

One row at a time.

Hang one frame or one row first (we started with the bottom because we have very high ceilings so we wanted to first decide how far up behind the couch we wanted it to begin. Then we measured the rest off that one. We started with one row, got it exactly how we wanted it and then based the additional 2 rows off of this one. Now, we just need to update it and add photos from the wedding!


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