How to Have a Healthy Weekend

This weekend was exactly what I needed.. some shopping, relaxation & nature views with my mom on Saturday before dinner with my family for my dads birthday followed by a full Sunday at home with Joe before the week ahead! It can be hard to find balance on the weekend when we have so many errands or catching up to do from the craziness of the week SO I wanted to share some pointers on how to make you sure you have a healthy weekend both physically and mentally!

1. Eat healthy/ nutritious food

2. Spend quality time with friends & family

3. Sleep in

4. Enjoy a face mask & relaxation

5. Get your sweat on

6. Watch the sunset\ Always watch a sunset

7. Unplug from social media\   I try to do this as much as I can every weekend. It’s the best way to rejuvenate your mind and soul and get your creativity from your surroundings.

8. Take a day trip \ This is my favorite one of all! There are so many local spots you can head to for the day that you probably didn’t even know about. Take some time to browse your area for local events, museums, zoos, etc!


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