My Bohemian Wedding Bouquet & Bridesmaids Bouquets

First off, Happy Friday! I am BEYOND ready for the weekend because lemme tell yaaa.. it’s been A ROUGH week. It’s actually been my first FULL week back at work since the wedding so it basically just dragged out so much for me. Second, if you aren’t a bride-to-be or not at all interested in wedding related posts, then I apologize in advance that my entire blog is consisting of wedding related content at the moment. I have been so forgetful lately and my friend said its definitely because I still have “wedding brain” and I am actually starting to think it’s a real thing! I just can’t even believe how it came and went so quick… ok, maybe it didn’t come as quick as it went but once the day came, it honestly FLEW by- sad but true.

I know I told you guys I would be sharing every detail of my wedding, so this is one of the fun details- picking out your wedding bouquet! Mine was obviously bohemian inspired, as that was really the ‘theme’ I went with and I knew from the beginning I wanted a lot of natural greenery with some pas-telly hues to it. Most of my inspo was from Pinterest (click to see my wedding inspired board) of course, but a lot of it was also based on the fact that I am a eucalyptus girl. I absolutely love the smell, look and feel of it and I wanted to use this as the main focus of the entire wedding, including my centerpieces (which will be in another blog post).

We went to a local florist and I showed them the inspo I was going for, and he said it would be easy to get the look I want and would call me when he had some samples in for me to come and see. However, he did not wind up calling me back, so of course I headed to another florist. This time, she asked me a lot of questions and even gave me her input as well, to come up with the perfect custom boutique for me and my bridesmaids! She recommended some flowers that would really compliment the eucalyptus, while still keeping the natural vibe I was going for.

As for my bridesmaids, I knew I wanted it to be only greenery, but Karen was able to recommend a few different types of eucalyptus and was also sweet enough to order samples for me so I can come in to the shop and she could show me the textures of combining all 3 of the eucalyptus so the bouquets looked for more full and not flat. I would really like to thank “The Flower Boutique” in Mahopac for helping me design my dream bouquet! I would really recommend to ya’ll to shop around before deciding where to get your bouquet from. Most people might say it’s only flowers but it really isn’t. The flowers make all of your wedding photos absolutely gorgeous and make you feel like that much more of a beautiful bride!

How to get my bouquet look:

  • Seeded eucalyptus
  • Silver dollar eucalyptus
  • Ranuculus
  • White Veronica
  • Pinki Vineas
  • White Lisanthias
  • White Spray Roses
  • Peach Gombi
  • Pink Gerber

How to get my bridesmaids bouquet look:

  • Seeded eucalyptus
  • Silver dollar eucalyptus
  • Spiral eucalyptus




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