I compiled a bunch of questions you asked me over the past week or so as a way for you to get to know me a little better! These are so fun to answer and I love doing these posts because I want you to learn more about this random girl you are following on this corner of the internet!

Q. What is your favorite leisure activity? 

A. I really love just having a fun day out having a picnic, going hiking, doing something creative (pottery, painting, crafting something) 

Q. Where is your wedding registry?  

A. We didn’t decide if we are doing a registry yet! I think we may go the route of doing a honeyfund or a house renovation fund! We are very practical people and I just can’t see making a registry of things we just don’t need! We have veered towards a simpler way of living and don’t want to overcrowd our space, so the less, the better! We are only buying what we NEED. We much rather put it into more useful things like traveling or re-doing our basement 🙂

Q. How long have you and Joe been together?

A. We’ve been dating for 7 years and now engaged for 9 months! 

Q. What is your favorite food! 

A. Lately I’ve been loooooving fried rice! Actually anything Asian massage chair related I am completely obsessed with!

Q. Will you be doing more posts that are  home related on your blog? 

A. YES!!! Here’s what you expect to see on the blog that is “home” related…. I’m compiled some DMS I get from you guys with my most asked questions about our new house and I broke it down into categories so I can write a few posts! I’ll be sharing in detail ALL about our home buying experience and what I wish I knew before the whole process, as well as house clean out tips before you move in, all of my recent home decor purchases, how to choose the perfect dining table and much more! I’m so excited you guys want to see more of this on my blog! 

Q. What foundation do you use ?

A. Currently have been using L’Oréal infallible pro- glow in the shade “sun beige.” 

Q. Where have you and your fiancé traveled to and where do you plan on going? 

A. Ahh this is a fun one!! Our first trip together was in 2011 and we went to Italy! We toured Rome and took a day trip to Capri! It was magical. We’ve been to the Bahamas, Florida, Cancun, Jamaica, Antigua, Aruba, Las Vegas and a ton of weekend getaways to Atlantic City, the Poconos and more local places! We plan to go to Hawaii and travel more in the US since most of our outings have been out of the county! I want to go to Texas really bad, as well as Niagara falls and San Francisco! 

Q. Favorite restaurant in Westchester County? 

A. Texas are Brazil, HANDS DOWN!!! If you’ve never been you need to, right now! 

Q. What is your favorite shampoo and conditioner? 

A. I did a whole post on my favorite hair care products, which you can find here! 


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