Recent Hair Products I’m Loving

So glad it’s the weekend, minus the thunderstorms and humidity in NY! I completely slept through this so called tornado though, anyone else? If you didn’t already know, my account was hacked a few days by someone in Russia, so luckily I was able to retrieve it back! I’ve heard how hard it is to get your account back, once it was hacked so I am really relieve, but for two days I didn’t think I would have been able to get it back. I’ve spent since then managing my accounts!

Anyway, today I wanted to get into the hair goods! Lately, I’ve been loving these products and I get into phases that I curl my hair every other day and then in between use products to spruce it up until my next wash! So, today I am sharing everything from the bobby pins to the curling iron and blow dryer I use. Hope you enjoy loves!


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