Today’s post is SO important to me and something I really want to share with you all! Lately, I have been struggling with stress and anxiety, and although hard to admit, I know I am not alone. With a lot of recent changes in my life, I am faced daily with learning techniques and ways to cope with the anxiety – I reached out to friends and family for pointers on how to help reduce anxiety, and for some tips on self-care, which should be TOP priority on all of our to-do lists! I have combined some of their tips and my own to share with you!


Focus on internal/external (not one over the other). It is important to listen to what our body and minds need, and give it the attention they both deserve. When we take care of ourselves on the outside, we look and feel good. When we take time to do the things we enjoy, we are working on our mental health. This can be anything from having a picnic, talking on the phone with a friend or family member, reading a book, etc.


I will elaborate on this a little more, because we all want to look different in ways – whether that be bigger lips, smaller tummy, tanner skin.. love yourself JUST AS YOU ARE and if you really want to mark some changes, do it.. but continue to love yourself even more along the way! There is always someone out there who will be more beautiful than us in our own eyes, but you are you and NO ONE ELSE and perfect just the way you are.


Taking care of your hair and keeping up with it will make you feel better. Using all natural, sulfate free products are the best way to go. If your hair is off balance, get a mask that will bring it back to a balanced state. Also, you can take some time to learn new hair styles and have some fun with it!


I have very very dry skin to begin with, so I have to moisturize way more than the average person! Taking care of your face is just as important. Look for masks with plant cells/ organic materials if you’re not up to making your own (I am thinking of exploring and making my own to try so if you want an update on that I can do a whole post when I make them). I love a night in with a face mask, some music and a yummy smelling candle!


Baths are a great way to destree and unwind! I love to use some bath bombs or eucalyptus salts to relax my muscles. Taking a bath can be hard to do if you are really busy or have children, but this is a necessity and if it means penciling this into your planner.. than DO IT! You time is a must time.


Take a day to go somewhere peaceful! Joe and I love taking walks, hikes, finding a new serene place near water to unwind or having a picnic. Being one with nature gives us time to stop thinking about our problems or tough times and de-stress!


I hope these tips were helpful and you will try some of them! I have been keeping up with all of these to de-stress as much as I can!


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