Pumpkin Carvings & Spiked Caramel Candy Apple Cider

It’s almost Halloween, but I am sure many of you celebrated this weekend! We had such a fun, low-key night on Saturday at my parents house. We decided this year to do a Hocus Pocus movie night, with a bunch of appetizers, some festive drinks and of course… HOCUS POCUS. Afterwards we played games and then had some dessert and just spent some quality time together! We brought it back to the childhood days and munched on dinosaur chicken nuggets, homemade English muffin pizzas, some taco dip & piggies in the blanket (I’m so not a hotdog person so I passed on these, but yeahhh)! Last night we carved pumpkins at my moms; it’s a yearly tradition and I looked forward to it every season. I wanted to include our pictures on here and just share more of our daily lives and the random things we do for fun on here! If you saw my IG story last night, we went to Wendy’s to use our frosty coupons and of course they don’t start taking them until November 1st lol but we still got one anyway because at that point my mind was made up and I wanted a dam frosty! Going back to Saturday though and this drink recipe that I wanna share with ya! It was totally inspired from a wedding we went to last weekend for our friends! It was the most perfect fall themed wedding & this drink was my fave so I wanted to re-create it! It’s so simple and festive.

Combine 1/3 bottle of caramel vodka and 2/3 bottle (of the half carton) of apple cider. Stir and serve over ice!

How cute are these mugs my mom got! She is always so festive, I definitely get all my creativity and love for home decor and designing from her!


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