The Plaid Life


I feel like every time I write a post I’m not really sure how to start it so usually begins with a  “Happy (insert day here lol).  I mean I guess it’s a great way to start the day on a positive note but at the same time I feel like you all are like, “OK this chick is the wishing us a happy day every day.”  However in today’s definitely a happy day because well it’s Saturday and that means no work, kinda?!  I went apple picking today with my mom, aunt and cousin and now going to make a yummy apple pie before I pack for our trip tomorrow!  Because the weather has been so up-and-down lately I really have no idea what to pack!  We will be inside most of the time since were staying at the casino but then we’re going to go shopping at the outlets one day which is outside so I’ll probably bring a lot to the layer.  I plan on shooting my outfits while I’m there  so you guys can see the goodies that I’m bringing.

I’m excited to announce that I am really going to be getting back onto my YouTube channel with a ton of awesome vids, including DIYS!  I have a very interesting collaboration in the works  so I’m excited to share that with you!  OK, as I’m typing this from my iPhone, when I typed the word “you,”  it auto corrected as coffee?! Mmmk! Ha.  I also plan on having three Halloween makeup videos up within the next two weeks!  Although I would like to aim higher, I don’t want to set the bar too high since I’m just getting back into the videos – I figured I will take it a little slower!

Now that we totally lost track of this post I wanted to share my favorite plaid shirts with you guys  because I’m really excited about incorporating them into my fall wardrobe this year!  Something about plaid screams farmer chick and I love it!



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