Things I am Working on Bettering

I really love blogging and sitting down and sharing things with you guys that I truly enjoy- whether it to be recipes, style, beauty, or just random thoughts. I’ve really been thinking about it lately and realizing I draft up WAY more posts than I actually click “publish” on, and it’s been upsetting me that I don’t actually share things that I have started to write. I think sometimes I overthink too much and believe that my post has to be just perfect before I can actually publish it for you to read, or I start a post when a random thought comes to mind but then I don’t go back in and finish writing it because you know, life gets in the way like that. But it really got me thinking that there is no perfect time or place to post- moving forward I’ve decided to just share whatever it is I want to share with you guys and provide as much info as I can with you. I really can just blab away and sometimes I may not make the most sense, but this morning I had a last minute thought to share with you guys a list I put together on areas in my life that I want to improve and things I want to do to better myself. We are a contact in work in progress and we always need to tweak some things, add in some new routines, or simply stop doing certain rituals we are used to.

From now on, here are some things I am really trying to focus more (or less) on..

  1. Not saying sorry as much
  2. Prioritizing my goals over to-do checklists
  3. Saying “no” to things without guilt
  4. Being as direct with people as possible
  5. Work on having more patience with myself and others
  6. Being more organized with my time and how I use it
  7. Not stressing the little things – “letting things go”
  8. Being “present” more in everything that I do (also putting my phone down more)
  9. Less TV time and more reading
  10. Working on my confidence
  11. Giving less energy on things I can’t control
  12. Transitioning to more natural foods and products (cleaners, beauty products, diffusers)
  13. Learning how to do “nothing” when my mind and body need it
  14. Eating slower and stopping myself when I am full (smaller portions)
  15. Drink less caffeine and more decaffeinated teas
  16. Putting more focus into my workouts and really pushing myself
  17. Working on finding joy from the inside rather than focusing on outside influences
  18. Transitioning to a better mindset, being more positive overall
  19. Overcoming my anxiety by thinking more positively
  20. Tackling my to-do list instead of just letting it sit there

I really hope this list was helpful in getting you to think about what areas in your life you are looking to make some changes in. It can be a small adjustment in your daily routine or a larger goal that you’ve really been wanting to achieve for a longer period of time. Whatever that goal is, write it down and start tackling it daily!

“You do not just wake up and become the butterfly – growth is a progess.”


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