When it comes to getting ready, I am all about cutting corners! Otherwise, I could be getting ready for 2 hours (especially when I lollygag, play with my dog or get caught up with a Netflix episode while I’m getting ready). I don’t usually say this, but I like to multitask when and where I can, to get the most out of my time. I am also super busy, so I wanted to share some little tips and tricks that I use to help me save some time and stress or that I do when I have minimal time.


When I am rushing to get out of the house or barely have any time for make up, I will use my to go highlighter in the crease of my eyelids to make my eyes pop. I don’t even need to apply eyeshadow to my entire lids. I carry this tartiest pro glow to go palette EVERYWHERE with me.


I always have chapstick on me, but especially in the winter! My lips get super chapped, and theres nothing that bothers me more than dry lips. I keep a chapstick in my car, in my desk, in my purse; basically anywhere I deem necessary LOL. I always stock up and buy multipacks! This one from Blistex is my favorite (they are non-medicated – one tastes like birthday cake and the others are very fresh).


I typically only wash my hair 2/3 days a week and in between, I use dry shampoo religiously! My favorite is this one from Not Your Mother’s Brand.


It can be almost impossible to lotion up frequently throughout the day (at least I know for myself it can be). Before getting ready to go to bed, use Burt’s Bees intensive repair kit. It comes with the lotion, cuticle lotion and a set of gloves. the gloves are so soft and lightweight, you can barely tell you have them on! All you have to do is apply the lotion vigorously to your hands and wear the gloves over night. I usually have Joe put the gloves on for me so I don’t get the outside of the gloves oily. The lotion is oil based, but it really seeps into the skin, giving you the ultimate moisture. (I can do a whole post about this, so let me know if you are interested)!


If you can’t even manage putting on make-up for the day, all you need is some mascara and lipstick. You will INSTANTLY look put together. Making your eyes and lips pop will bring out your best features, while still making you look natural. I would recommend a nude shade of lipstick. This one is a pinky nude and is so beautiful. It is called “Salty” by Tarte.  I recently have been obsessed with the Tarte “Tartiest” mascara. it adds volume and length, but very lightweight and lasts all day!


I have sworn by these for about 10 years now. I have VERY oily skin, so throughout the day I use these to freshen up. They work so well at removing the oil from my face, while keeping my make up in place. They work wonders (I have a pack basically everywhere).

I hope you enjoyed these tips, and would love to hear yours as well! If you have any, please share in the comments!



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