Recently I have set a few goals for myself and I felt that if I share my goals on here, it will hold me more accountable to actually follow through with them, so tonight I’m sharing a few of my random personal goals for the summer. I’ve set some of these goals in the past, and some are brand new! I could even do a follow up post where I share my feedback and give some updates 🙂

I always like to set goals, both big and small every now and then, as this is a constant motivator for me to become a better version of myself daily. We are always growing and we are a work in progress. I like to write down my goals on paper and hang them up, as well as put them in my phone for reminders! Here’s what’s on my list for this summer.

  1. Do more good things for this world and people around me!
  2. Learn basic cords on the guitar.
  3. Read at least two books (I know for some people this sounds like a breeze and although I own a ton of books, I’ve never been able to really finish one once I start it ::insert sad face here. I don’t know if it’s because I lose interest or just don’t have enough time)
  4. This goal feeds from my previous- I will FOLLOW theough with something once I start it! My mom has always said, “follow through, Shan!” No matter what this is.. texting someone back, writing a grocery list, starting a show. I will start something ans then move on to something else.
  5. Spend more time with the people I love
  6. Eat cleaner and meal prep on Sundays, drink more smoothies and cut out processed crap.
  7. Take Roxy out for more walks and to the doggie park
  8. Host an epic summer party!
  9. Finish my vision board
  10. Start learning how to speak Spanish
  11. Text every single person back within the same day of getting the text (i’m sorry to my friends and family when I purely drink at this)
  12. Become a better listener
  13. Practice taking more photos and editing

I hope that you enjoyed this post and was able to get some type of motivation to set your own goals, or maybe take the initiative to work towards goals you have already set for yourself! Thanks for stopping by to read! What are some personal goals you’ve set for yourself this season?


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