Such a random post but I might make this a series where I share 10 random things every now and then haha. I want to get back into writing on here. I’ve always loved writing, ever since I was young. Whether it be in a journal, a notebook, or that website from like 1996- I think it was called myjournal.com ? Anyone remember? Anyway, I’ve missed writing on here and sharing random things so I think I’m going to start doing it more, but without the pressure I was putting on myself!


It jumped from winter to summer in a week and I need a beach day LIKE NOW. I’m thinking about getting rid of some bathing suits and swapping out for new ones? As of lately, I won’t let myself buy anything unless I get rid of something. Seriously trying to downsize!


Lately, all I want to do is eat, drink wine and watch movies. It’s B A D!


I have the urge to read a mystery/thriller book and just indulge my entire being in it! I’m thinking this one. It’s new, but I heard great things!


Im taking a trip to Mohegan sun on Mother’s day weekend! We’re taking my mom for the night to go to a beach, have dinner, go to a comedy show.. and of course gamble.


Me and Joe are currently house hunting and we’ve looked at about 100 so far…..


I made my infamous healthy chocolate truffle balls and can seriously eat all of them in one day! Find the recipe here.


I went to the Putnam Humane Society a few weeks ago to volunteer and it was both heart breaking and satisfying at the same time. It broke my heart to see that one dog has been there for 12 years, while others only a few weeks. I love that


My co-worker told me about this place in Bayside called Krave It – where you can basically put ANYTHING on a slice of pizza. Def going here next time I visit my cousins in Queens! Does anyone else love trying new food and new places?


I want to start up either another Etsy shop or an online clothing boutique. Been thinking of ideas lately and writing them down. We’ll see…


Currently obsessed with Thai food and bubble tea.. like the addiction is R E A L!! Thai basil fried rice with beef.. what’s your fave?


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