12 Beach Necesseties


Beachin it a lot this summer babe? I think this year I’ve been to the beach more times already than I ever have in a summer and it’s only mid-summer! Whether you’re heading out on a day trip to the beach, working ocean side for the summer or staying for a few days, a properly packed beach bag is key to making the most out of your time in the sand! I have learned the hard way.. I have packed many things I thought I would need but never used and many things that I never thought to bring, that I needed while I was there!

So aside from the obvious things, like a beach bag, an oversized towel, sun tan oil & some sunnies, I’ve created a list of the most functional and affordable beach must haves…


1.) Beach Spiker – This drink holder has completely changed my life! It is so convenient and absolutely adorable! Such a simple item but will keep your beach beverages sand free. I got this one at the Christmas tree shop for only $2.99 but you get them here also.

2,) Small and Portable Cooler – Sometimes my boyfriend and I lug our huge cooler on wheels and we wind up not even needing it. This one is light weight, easy to carry and is perfect for some sandwiches, fruit and drinks! Don’t forget to drink lots of water and keep hydrated!

Nicole Miller, TJ Maxx

Sand insert cup holder


3.) Water resistant phone case – between the water, the sand & the sun it would be a miracle if I came home with no damage to my phone. I always make sure that I have my life proof case on my phone before heading to the beach to keep it fully protected! It has a jack that you can unscrew to plug your headphones in so there’s no hassle.

Lifeproof case

4.) Pineapple change purse – I love the summery vibes that you get from this little pineapple coin purse! I don’t like bringing my huge wallet with me to the beads that has all of my credit cards and store cards in it. God for bid I miss placed it! It’s just not worth it in my eyes. My wallet is also super heavy so using this lightweight coin purse is perfect to store some cash and your ID (for those margs of course)

Victoria Secret, but here is an alternative that I love from Kate Spade



5.) Sunscreen lip balm (not pictured) – Unfortunately I didn’t snag a picture of this item, but I do not go to the beach without it. Before I started using lip balm with SPF in it, my lips would be burned, chapped & sore. Now I use Hawaiian Tropic with SPF 45 and my lips have never been smoother.

Hawaiian Tropic, SPF 45

6.) After sun moisturizer – This is great for really extending the life out of your tan while moisturizing your skin. Doesn’t leave you feeling sticky or oily.

Victoria Secret, which is seasonal but I also love this Clinique one.

7.) BB Cream – Any beauty junkie worth her makeup brushes knows there’s a ton of buzz this year about BB Cream– the new must-have product. BB creams (short for beauty or blemish creams) are like tinted moisturizers that hydrate and even out skin tones.BB creams also treat the skin with antioxidants or other anti-aging ingredients, plus offer broad-spectrum SPF. It’s the perfect way to hide the redness on your face and protect it from the sun as well!

Garnier BB Cream, Medium/Deep


8.) Gum – I don’t think I need much of a description here, but you’ll thank me for this one!

9.) Oil Absorbing Sheets – I use these day in and day out, but especially on beach days. My skin gets greasy, oily and unbearable in the sun. Using one sheet every few hours to blot away the oil leaves me feeling fresh and clean, without removing the BB cream that I put on!

Clean & Clear


10.) Waterproof Bikini Bag – I have had this bag for two summers now and it is holding down the beach fort like crazy! This bag is meant to put your wet bathing suit in when you change into dry clothes but I also use it to put my dry items in sometimes to keep from getting wet. It comes in handy always! Victoria Secret only sells these seasonally, so they are no longer up for sale but I will post the link below and you can check back come Spring 2017.

Victoria Secret

11.) Wet Ones – Whether you are a teenager, a mother, a daughter, friend, girlfriend.. whatever you are.. you NEED these. After that messy sandwich when your pesto sauce drips all down your hand, you’re going to be thrilled you have these on hand. They are also amazing when you want to wipe the oil that you just lathered all over your body off your hands!

Wet Ones



12. Mini Spray Bottle – This is such a simple item that is often forgotten. Just take a walk to the beach and fill her up, spritz her on you when your feeling the heat a little too much but don’t feel like walking down to the water. The salt water enables you to get tanner quicker, so even if you absolutely hate the ocean, make sure to coat your body in salt water every hour.


Hope you all enjoyed this and it will come handy next time you hit the sand! Comment below and let me know what you think! I would also love to hear some of your favorite beach items.



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