8 Plane Essentials


Whenever I’m traveling to somewhere that involves going on an airplane, there are a few things I feel are very important in making the experience a more pleasant one. I don’t think anyone really enjoys going on an airplane.  It’s more so that we do it because we have to in order to get to our destination – wherever that may be.

Actually, I HATE airplanes, so much that I sometimes cry when we take off (yes, I’m working on this) but it can be a scary feeling. I put this list together because they are things that make me feel a little more at ease.

1. Travel Pillow 

Although it’s merely impossible for me to take a nap while I’m on an airplane, it helps to be comfortable. Using a travel pillow keeps my neck in line and helps support me. One of the first flights I ever took was to Italy. At the time I didn’t have a travel pillow with me and it was the worst mistake I could have made! Traveling 10+ hours without it was difficult enough, but I was in even more pain when I got off the plane! I got mine at Tj max but you really could get one ANYWHERE!


2. Shakeology 

You can bring any type of protein but I 100% choose shakeology because it is all natural and full of antioxidants. (I’ll have a separate post up soon about this). I think it’s important to have a shake with you in case you need a quick snack and don’t want to spend money on the plane or they haven’t come around to take orders/ bring snacks. It keeps me full for a while without that bloaty feeling! **Don’t forget your shaker cup too!


3. iPad

If your trying f to keep your phone fully charged, you can connect your I-pad to the planes wifi and either I-message or use that to connect with people on social media. The bigger screen also allows for you to play games or watch movies more easily.

4. Selfie stick 

When traveling in large groups, a selfie stick is a must! The best group photos (when you have no one available to take a photo for you) come out with a selfie stick. There are times where I’ve had to take a group photo without one and my head typically looks huge since I’m all the way in the front! From now on, I am sure I won’t go anywhere without this.

5. A good pair of sunglasses 

I know you won’t be wearing these much on the plane, but you NEED to take these on the plane. As soon as you leave, the last thing you want to do is dig through your purse looking for them. Also. When I’m “trying” to take a nap, I will put these on if it’s bright and the Windows are open.


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