Can’t Ever Go Wrong with Tapas

Last week my mom and I went on a random adventure- we knew we wanted to do something fun, but didn’t know WHAT so we found this really cool park filled with fountains, gorgeous trees and acres and acres of land that you can get lost in! My mom was awesome enough to snap some cool photos (which I will have up tomorrow) in the freezing cold/ partially rainy weather. We left ravenous so we decided to try somewhere new to eat. I’ve heard about “The Little Drunken Chef” before and how delicious it was, so we gave it a go. My mom is hesitant when it comes to variety in her food; but I am always EAGER to mix up some new spices in my mouth (foodie at its finest). Although lately I’ve been trying to keep my taste buds adventurous YET hearty. It can be difficult to do, especially because I enjoy going out to long brunches/dinners and taking in the view, the tastes, and the company I’m with. Anyway, as soon as we walked in, I got those good vibes. The tone is set to be earthy and homey. The aura was so welcoming and the brick details on the wall made you feel like you were eating in a sophisticated alley-way in Europe. It was tranquil and diverse. We stared at the menu and talked for a while. The service was great- he came over right away and asked if we would like anything to drink and asked if we had any questions on the menu (keep in mind, being a server for 10 years, it is almost difficult NOT to pay attention to the small details). Anyway, the menu had a LARGE assortment of food. From tacos, to wings, to masala chicken, to rice bowls & basically anything you can imagine. I was quite entertained, while also overwhelmed with the variety. I got the masala chicken bowl, which came with chicken four ways (pita bread, hummus, guacamole & tzatziki). It was so good.. I’m dreaming about it right now. My mom got the chicken sliders with fries and order of wings with garlic chili sauce. Everything was phenomenal and rather fair prices. Oh & my margarita rocked…. Just the perfect ratio of tequila to mix and a spicy zing with the paprika coated rim! I would definitely go back and highly recommend this restaurant!




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