Everyday Makeup Products

I’m so sorry I didn’t post this yesterday as promised ..  I wound up leaving work at 7 PM and then I had to return something to forever 21 stop at CVS and then by the time I got home I was so hungry so I made a quick batch of chicken bean chili!  Which by the way came out awesome,  so if you want me to post the recipe please let me know! Well here is a list of my everyday make-up products! I have the SIMPLEST routine, that I can do it while I’m driving (yes, guilty sometimes, whoops). I’ve listed below, in order)

** What should be step 1 is Primer, althought I am guilty of not using it as much as I should. It would definitely help with minimizing the look of my pores and reducing my redness**

Step 1 – Foundation

I use this loreal foundation as a base. I use an oval brush (which I got from Walmart) and in round circles apply the foundation. I don’t put any on my forehead or chin- just a personal preference. I really focus on under my eyes!

Step 2 – Bronze & Highlight/ Nose Contour

Tarte Tartiest Pro Glow to Go – I can never say this right haha I swear I don’t use anything else! Clearly, as you can see.. I use basically the top highlighter (which has more of a goldish accent). Using my elf brush, which I linked below, I will carve out my cheeks with the bronze color! I will also put a straight line down the side of my nose on each side to add some dimension. I will also bronze my forehead and neck and blend it up into the face area.

Step 3 – Eyeshadow

I either use my Carli Bybel palette or Kylie Kit as my daily eyeshadows. I like very basic gold/brown shades!

Step 4 – Winged Eye liner

I absolutely love Maybelline liner in black! It’s sooo easy to work with and I get the perfect wing with the size and length of the wand!

Step 5 – Mascara

I really love the telescopic mascara because it adds length and definition to my eyelashes while still giving them a natural look. I apply to both bottom and top lashes and do 2 coats and play around with it until there are no clumps.

Step 6 – Eyebrows

I plan on doing an entire post about brows because this is the one thing I hate leaving the house without doing! I used to never fill in my brows but I have a little chunk missing on the inside of each brow so I feel naked without filling that part in. I don’t go too crazy with my brows because they are naturally thick and long but I do believe a natural and filled in brow is key in making any look!

Step 7- Lips

Last but not least & my favorite part! The lips also truly tie a look together and using lipstick adds volume and plumpiness! For the longest time I “thought” I wanted lip injections but after my boyfriend bringing me to realization that I don’t need that, I realized he was right! I’ve found natural ways to enhance my lips without going that route! 99% of the time I wear Kylie lip kits in the colors Dolce K or Exposed. They are neutral but bold (in my opinion) at the same time!

**TIP: I always use chap stick before applying my matte lipstick to prevent cracking and lips drying out!

If you want me to do a full video on this, comment and let me know! I also linked all the products for you below! Enjoy loves xox


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