Fall Finds under $50!

OK guys we are almost to the weekend so hang in there!  I really don’t know why this week is dragging and I’m finding it really difficult to balance out work and life this week but I’m really trying! Does anyone else feel the same way?  Just remember that every day we wake up is a gift and we should be grateful that we get to experience a new day so no matter how bummed out we are let’s try to make the best of every single day!  I am always grateful, but today I am feeling extra grateful- for my wonderful boyfriend, my parents and brother, family & friends, my dogs& rabbits, and the people I interact with daily (the nice ones, of course)! So take some time to separate your mind from the BUSY world we often get caught up in, and appreciate those little moments that are everything!

Today I will be sharing 2 blog posts with you guys!  I wanted to post this one because I have been doing a little shopping and found some of the most amazing fall wear and decor for less than $50 and needed to share!  If you watched my Insta story earlier this morning I said I was going to post my every day make up items and why I use each of them at around 1pm. I will be posting that tonight instead around 6 PM, only because I wanted to get this post up first!

By the way it looks like rain in the forecast for today and I’m kind of bummed about that but hey I guess we can’t have sunshine without a little bit of rain! Also don’t mind because it gives extra excuses to be lazy and cuddle tonight with Joe! This weather is confusing the crap out of me lately! 60’s in the morning and night and 80’s during the day, but hey… beggars can’t be choosers! Im still daydreaming of fall of over here.  It’s definitely my favorite time of the year –  pumpkin iced coffee ( I know it’s so basic but I can’t help but love it),  cozy sweaters,  bonfires,  and nights cuddled up in bed!

I’ve been working to prep a lot of content since this month will be consisting of us running around constantly! I will be creating some content  from all the events we have coming up too – don’t want to blab about all of that here so follow along on my instastories for all the fun! (@thatssimplygold). Let’s get back to keeping this short and sweet haha so I’ve rounded up the best fall finds under $50.



  1. Stacey
    September 14, 2017 / 6:36 pm

    I love all of these items. Obsessed with the cardigan from ASOS. Can’t wait to see you makeup routine since I have been looking for a new one. Also, this week has been dragging for me as well and my motivation has slowed down right with it. Have a great weekend babe.

    @stylingsofstacey | http://staceylyynn.wixsite.com/stylingsofstacey

    • shanaperrotta
      September 14, 2017 / 9:57 pm

      Hey beauty! Thank you so much! I love that cardigan too can’t wait to buy it! haha one more day for the weekend! Do you have any awesome weekend plans? Keep your head up girl, we got this! xoxo, Shana

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