Flower Festival Look for Cheap!

I know I probably took way too many pictures.. but this is kinda sorta like my “first” real fashion post, so right now it’s a lot of trial and error until the photos come out how I am envisioning them. Huge thank you to my mom who took these pictures for me in the freezing cold! We had really fun with this though and it’s actually a lot harder than it looks to take these! So I HOPE some of you enjoy this postJ You may or may not believe it… but I got this top and bottom for a total of $22! Who says you need to spend a crap load of money to look good! I incorporated these cute coach converse sneakers because I LOVE the look of them and I’ve had them for about 8 years so I was like “why not.” If you’re coming to my page and looking for high end fashion pieces, I will start by saying you will not be getting that here. I am and have always been a “smart shopper.” I am always looking for deals, using coupons/coupon codes or bargains! And no, im not cheap- but why would I spend $50 on an item when I can reasonably get that price down to $30?!? Now to get back to this look.. I paired a simple pair of light blue jeggings, with a tank top & a beach cover over it! SUPER EASY, comfortable & simple! Perfect for a festival, a day out or lunch on the water. I dressed it down with these sneakers but you can even dress up the look with a pair of wedges or heels. I threw on a pair of blue iridescent sunglasses to spike it up.


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