Fortina, Armonk NY


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I am so happy that it’s Friday and I wanted to get a post up for the weekend in case anyone is planning on going to dinner & is looking for a new place to try. This place is great for families, friends, couples and anyone that loves PIZZA (and I am pretty positive everyone in the world loves pizza…so yea). After talking about this place for about a year I was finally able to make it over to try out their famous pizza that I’ve been hearing people rave about!  I always like to read reviews before I go out somewhere but even if people dislike it I usually head on over anyway to check it out. Just because someone else doesn’t like, doesn’t mean I won’t like it. Fortina pizza has a couple different locations in Armonk, NY, Stamford, CT and Ryebrook, NY. It’s just a short drive from New York City, Westchester County, Jersey and most places in Connecticut.

So when we finally got there I was super hyped up. So I really like to give my honest opinions when doing these restaurant reviews, because let’s be rea—not EVERY restaurant or food place in the industry is FANTASTIC. Some might be, while others might be ehh.. or some places may have one or two items that are phenomenal while the rest of the food is blah. But yea, it’s almost impossible for me to go to dinner without ordering a drink, so I got a beer because pizza… beer… why not, right? Joe got a beer as well, and although they were served in a super fancy wine glass, it’s probably the most expensive beer I have ever had. I can usually drink a beer in like 2 sips (sad to admit that) but I made sure to really “sip” on this beer, because it was like $11 for an Ithaca flower power. I know it’s usually more of an expensive beer than the average bud light or even blue moon, but $11 is just a little crazy. And no, that is not me being cheap, it is me being realistic. Anyway, we were really hungry and the waiter suggested we try the meatballs so we ordered them. The service was GREAT though, by the way. The service is always so important to me when I go somewhere because it is the core of your entire experience when dining out. As a server of many years, I unfortunately pay much attention to detail now when I go out to eat. To me, it’s important that the guest has the best experience and I also LOVE when my waiter suggest things on the menu (especially if it is my first time). So the meatballs came out and they were great! Tasted like my mom’s homemade fried meatballs and the sauce was delicious. I don’t know why I expected them to come out different than they did, but I had no complaints (just wish it came with more than 3 meatballs since I was famished). We then ordered two pizzas. I got the meat and hot cherry pepper one (yes, I realized afterwards that we just got meatballs and I got meat on my pizza too but it worked out) and Joe got the classic margarita. Once again, the pizza was a tad bit overpriced but It was good. I really like it- it was thin and crispy, which I love and had very good flavor. The pizza is a personal size, so don’t let them fool you if they say you can share one because you can definitely eat the entire pizza. We took a look at the dessert menu, but because I rather eat food over dessert, we decided to pass. The affogato dessert sounded AMAZING though. The typical affogato dessert is with vanilla ice cream and espresso poured over, but this one was served with a hazelnut ice cream which is my favorite. Now I’m a little upset I didn’t try it. Overall, it was a great experience and the atmosphere was beautiful. It was quiet, comforting and fun at the same time!

I would recommend giving it a try for sure, although it is not somewhere I would go to on a regular basis. It is more of a restaurant you go to as a “treat.” I really hope you enjoyed this review! For future reference, I think I might try separating these reviews into sub-categories (ex: atmosphere, service, food, drinks) to kind of break it down and not make it ONE GINORMOUS paragraph to read. What do you think? Leave a comment below & ill see ya in my next post.

XOXO, Shana


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