Harvest Puppy Chow Mix

This Harvest Puppy chow is an easy fun fall treat. It combines the classic flavors of puppy chow with some new ones. You only need a few simple ingredients for this harvest puppy chow. Of course you can add whatever your heart desires, but I like to keep it festive with the season! For this easy recipe, you will need the classic ingredients like peanut butter, Chex Mix, and chocolate chips.  We then decided what fall candy we wanted to add to our harvest puppy chow.  We chose pretzels, M&M’s, and candy corn.  Don’t like candy corn..leave it out.  You could also add nuts, pumpkin spice baking chips or any your favorite snack items! I created a fun little ingredient card that you can just hold down on with your thumb and save to your phone so you have the recipe!

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