How to Get the Perfect Shade of Blonde

Happy Fall, beauties! The weather has finally decided to cool off here in New York and I’m one happy girl because of it. I am currently on the couch with a nice hot cup of tea writing today’s post that is something I have really wanted to share recently.

I recently shared a tutorial on one of the ways I like to curl my wave my hair here but have yet to share how I maintain my color! If you know the background of my hair, then you know that I have been working on trying to get the perfect shade of blonde for years now. I have died my hair every single color in the book and because I finally let it grow out naturally, I was able to get the blonde I have always dreamed of. After you achieve your perfect color, it’s so important to use quality products that not only protect your hair, but also preserve it.

If you are looking to go blonde, I would recommend speaking with your colorist first because your hair may not necessarily come out to the shade of blonde you want. I say this because there are many factors that go into what color your hair will pull to but like any color hair, if it’s not maintained can start to get a little ‘warmer’ than I like. By this I mean more yellow-ish.

The secret to getting rid of unwanted brassy tones and keeping your hair the perfect hue of blond is Purple shampoo and Conditioner. This shampoo and conditioner have been part of my hair care routine and is important for anyone who has colored blonde hair and wants to keep the brassy tones away!

I’ve tried a ton of purple shampoos and most of them either don’t get too soapy or leave my hair feeling very dry. This one lathers, hydrates and smells delicious!

I like to use it about once or twice a week but this can vary depending on your hair! I’m tellin ya… this ish is necessary!


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