10 Ways To Show Appreciation To Your Mom

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If there is ONE person I know I can always count on NO MATTER what, it’s my mommy. She is my best friend, my confidant, my hero, my business partner, my world. We share a bond unlike any other, and although I want to punt her across the room sometimes, I would do anything for her.

So if you’re reading this post I’m assuming that you love your mom as much as I love mine so you’re looking for small little ways to show her how much she is appreciated and loved, right? Whenever my mom is having a bad day or just because I want to see her smile… I either get her or make her a little something and she is happy for a week or more.

Although we have love and appreciation for others it’s so important that we show it to them! This is the one thing that people usually fail to do because they don’t realize how such a small gesture can go such a long way.

Has someone ever given you flowers? Ever wrote you a note? These things are tiny but they are also so big. Below I have included a list of the top 20 things that I have done for my mom to show her how much love their really is.

1. Flowers- This is an obvious gesture that can go a long way BUT let’s not stick with our typical roses. You should know what flower your mom favorites over the others and that should always be the go to flower to get her. It is nice to switch it up sometimes and get something a little bit different. If it’s summertime, sunflowers are always beautiful and winter my go-to is a nice elegant mixture. If your trying to stay on the lower budget side, a single flower picked from the ground will definitely do the job. All that matters is that it came from you!

2. A handwritten card or note- My mom loves these! Just some of your thoughts written down or actually telling her “Mom, I appreciate all you do for our family and love you more than you will ever know.” Write your thoughts at that moment down. Then go sneak in her room and leave the card on her bed or in her purse so she sees it next time she goes in there.

3. Tell her you love her- this one may also be obvious, but we’re human and it’s NICE to actually hear that we are loved.

4. Cook her dinner- I am always on the go so if I’m not meal prepping or at the gym after work, I’m either doing homework or working on crafts. But put one night aside… Make sure you have all the ingredients for her favorite meal (even if that means going out the night before to buy everything and prep it) and cook her ass a nice dinner! She will feel so loved and appreciated.

5. Order take out- If your not into doing the above, order a pizza or some chicken and salad as a healthier option. Sit down with her and just talk/ listen to her.

6. Watch a movie- Take her to redbox and let her pick out the movie of her choice! Pop up some popcorn and just chill on the couch together. Even though you aren’t talking, you are there, with her .. And that’s what matters

7. Clean the house- If your mom is anything like mine, she hates cleaning! If you have a big house and can’t clean every room (because I’m sure it still won’t be clean enough to her standards) at least clean the kitchen and living room. Yes, that means scrubbing the floors, dusting, cleaning out the fridge, etc. You may actually realize how much work cleaning entails.

8. Buy her a mother/daughter jewelry- This can be tweaked to personalize your relationship or her personality. Maybe some mother, daughter necklaces. Hallmark has a really cute one that I like. Alex & Ani has an adorable bracelet set.


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 9. Make her a collage- Gather up some pictures that you already have printed or print some out and make them into a collage photo (which you can put in a shadow box) or buy an 8×10 photo frame and put the pictures in there. She will surely have the BIGGEST smile.

10. Make her a little spa basket- you can get a basket at Michaels or AC Moore, or even your local dollar store. Fill it with a stress relieving candle, stress relieving lotion, bath salt & bubble bath! See some of my favorite below!


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