My Pappasan Chair!

I posted this on my Instagram feed over the weekend, but I wanted to hop on here and share some more details with you guys on the new papasan chair that my mom got me for my birthday! Moving forward, I’ll be sharing more on the blog but I may not announce it over on my feed, so you can head on over to here more often to read!

I’ve been on the hunt for one of these Pappasan chairs before we even moved in and I found a lot online that I’ve added to my cart, but clearly have never made the go and purchased. Why, you ask? Well, a lot of them seemed either way too large for the space I was working with or overpowering the décor I already have in the room. Some were too pricey and I just couldn’t see spending that much on.

I was completely surprised when I walked into my moms bedroom and saw this waiting for me! I was beyond excited (and grateful of course) because I couldn’t have picked out a better chair myself! When she told me it was Pier 1, I immediately thought the price was way higher, but I browsed online and was so surprised to see that it is super affordable and it is beyond comfortable. I’ll show more this week because I moved it around and decided to put it in the corner under the new shelves we installed over the weekend!


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