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Hey babes! Welcome back, and if you are new here, welcome to my blog! I can’t wait to get to know you and for you to get to know me!

Today I’m partnering with JORD watches to share some of their fashionable watches and share some insight on how the way we perceive things can really change EVERYTHING. The way we view the world and the little things in it can greatly contribute to our happiness in so many ways. I am one for enjoying those ‘little’ moments that are actually the biggest, most greatest moments. Regardless where we are physically or mentally in our lives – whether were at work, at home, on vacation, just moved, just started a new job – sometimes what really matters is our perspective. If we believe that things are going to go wrong for us, most likely they will. If we believe in happiness and positivity, more positive things will come our way. In no way am I saying that everything is sunshine and rainbows in life, because we all go through difficult times. But it is how we take these moments and experiences, and learn how to become more positive in these situations.

My favorite moments consist of lying in bed with my love, walking my dogs and watching then soak in the sunshine, go shopping and dinner with my mom, go fishing with my dad, watch tv with my brother, get ice cream with a friend or relax on a boat and stare into the water. This is what life is about. I hope you can try to turn each moment into the most amazing moment, because when we look back one day, they will be memories.

I am so excited to do this post because I was sent the most beautiful watch by Jord! Their watch is so elegant, and you can dress it up or down! In today’s post, I wanted to do a more summer vibe look with it (I love anything with seashells). Since I don’t know when I will be making it back to the beach, I decided the pool would have to do LOL.

Jord watches was also sweet enough to let me host a GIVEAWAY for you guys, so keep reading!


The back of this bathing suit is my favorite! It was such a process to put on, but I eventually figured it out! I got it on clearance from TJ Max for only $12.99 so I could not pass it up! The brand is Jantzen Swim. I couldn’t find this exact bathing suit on their site, but I linked some that I really like!

I love how although this watch is made from natural wood, it matches anything and everything. It is such a unique watch! They have so many different watches, I couldn’t decide which one I wanted! I kept going back and forth but I chose this style, which is from the Fieldcrest Series – Zebrawood + Maple. If you have any summer birthdays coming up, you can give it as an engraved gift! I love to give gifts that are meaningful to the person I am giving them to, as they are cherished more.

This picture was inspired because it was my Aunt’s birthday, so what better way to celebrate than by taking Patron shots poolside, am I right?!

I love pairing my watches with another bracelet, whether it be a bangle set like the one above or these adorable seashell/ starfish bracelets (as below). I got these bracelets from City Island and the seashell one was made with fresh seashells! I love how my JORD watch is super light weight. Most of the watches I already own are very heavy and I’m not finding this watch as my go-to anytime I want to wear a watch. I have my eye on a few more that I want also!

Okay, now for the fun part! JORD was kind enough to team up with me and provide a GIVEAWAY to you guys!

Here are the rules to enter & details:

The giveaway will close Sunday, 08/13/2017 at 11:59pm.

By entering, you automatically get a $25 code to their site once the contest ends,

as well as a chance to win $100! Both the codes will expire 10/31/2017.

Enter the giveaway, HERE!

Both the $100 and the $25 codes will expire on 10/31/2017.




Thank you all for reading, and I can’t wait to see you back on my next post! xox

*Thank you Jord Watches for sponsoring this post; all thoughts are my own*


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