Skin Care with Raffaele Ruberto

I had a different post planned for today, but I am REALLY excited to share this one because I just received my Raffaele Ruberto face & eye serum in the mail last night when I got home! When they reached out to me for this, I was beyond excited! To be honest, I have not heard of their products before this (mostly because my skincare routine is very simple – if you would like to see a full post on that, let me know). But anyway, as soon as they reached out I did a lot of research and I knew this was a product I wanted! Continue reading to see why I wanted to try this product so badly.
  1. The first thing I noticed was the fact that this product said “instant.” We all want “instant” results so I started to think.. what kind of instant results would I be getting?
  2. They offer at home parties! I am a sucker for at home parties where you can invite friends and family over for some fun together! The host gets


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