Skylar Body Review: Perfect Natural Scent

Happy Friday all! This week is going by pretty quick, partly due to the fact that I had off yesterday and am headed home from the beach right now. I actually wound up going to Orchard Beach in the Bronx and it was such a great time! It wasn’t too crowded and the sangria was delicious! Anywhoo, moving on hehe I am excited to say I’ll be consistently posting 3 times a week on the blog and have spent the past week collaborating with some awesome brands (which I have shared some coupon codes & link to shop here). I will be posting about all these in upcoming posts so stay tuned for those!

Today I want to talk about my collaboration with Skylar Body ! I was so excited to partner with this amazing company and try out their new line of perfume, all of which are so deliciously amazing! I was completely blown away by the combination of scents and even my mom (who only wears Dolce & Gabanna light blue) loved the Coral scent, which is flirty and floral!

I absolutely love that their perfumes are vegan friendly and are made in small batches, using only natural ingredients. I have really been trying to transition to natural products recently and am so happy this is one of them. Their scents include natural ingredients such as bergamot from Italy, jasmine from India, and rose from Morocco. Each perfume starts with a base made of organic sugar cane alcohol that comes from a sustainable distillery in Oregon.

My favorite scent is the “Arrow” scent, which is bold and sexy and I’ve already gotten so many compliments when I wear it (which has been every single day since I got it) ha! It is definitely going to be my go-to from now on! Right now, they have a giveaway in which you can enter to win full sized bottles of all 4 scents (over a $300 value) and you can enter on their website until July 2nd. If you are interested in buying one of their fab scents, you can shop here and you will automatically get 15% off buy using that link! Happy shopping friends and I would love to hear your opinions if you decide to buy Skylar Body. xox





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