Spruce Up Your Winter

Ok ladies & gents… do not, I repeat.. do NOT let today’s weather fool you! It may be 50 here in NY right now but next week you’ll be freezing your tatas off again! I don’t know about you, but this time of the year is my least favorite. I rather be sipping a pina colada on a beach somewhere magical (dreaming right now). Here in New York yesterday it was about 10 degrees out and I didn’t pre-start my car in the morning so I froze on my way to pick up my iced coffee from Starbucks. I know what you’re thinking and yes! I drink ice coffee all four seasons. I’m not a fan of hot coffee, although nothing makes me happier than an assortment of hot teas in the winter.

During this time, some people can get extra lazy (I know I am), overly tired & bored. I work two jobs and try to get in my workouts at least 4 times a week, although I need that extra motivation right about now. But, during my free time, I would like to do things other than watch Netflix. I’m super hooked on Netflix lately and finally almost done with the second season of Fuller House before I start to watch Once Upon A Time. I know I’m a little late on that considering I think there’s about 7 seasons already.
I know sometimes it can be hard to think of activities spur of the moment, so I compacted a list of the most awesome winter “activities” for everyone from families, couples, the spontaneous, the homebody and so on. There are a ton of activites you can do both indoors and outdoors, some costing money and some completely free! I am positive you will find something on this list to do during your spare time! I have compiled this list so that you can easily save this link to your favorites and have it easily accessible when you need some inspiration.

1. Sit down and make a list of your goals for the upcoming week, month, year, etc.
2. Take a weekend trip to a local mountain to go snowboarding, skiing or snow tubing
3. Drive around and look at Christmas lights while sipping on hot cocoa
4. Find a Groupon for local dance / salsa classes
5. Buy a pair of heated slippers to keep your feet toasty
6. Go see an NBA game (you can find discounted tickets through restaurant.com)
7. Host a game night with some close friends and/or family (my faves are rotten apples & charades)
8. Create your own ripped jeans with an old pair you want to spruce up (video soon to come on my YouTube channel)
9. Host your own Paint Night! My friends and I love going to a paint nite event, but we also enjoy hosting it at my house to save some cash (I’ll be doing a whole post about this as well).
10. Volunteer at a local shelter / help raise money for a foundation you love
11. Go to a dog shelter and volunteer by feeding and playing with the animals (they love all the affection they can get and you can make a huge difference)
12. Visit a museum and sightsee (especially on free days; most you can also make a small donation)
13. Test out a DIY on Pinterest
14. Moonlight bowling! You can’t ever go wrong with this.
15. Light the fireplace and indulge in a good book
16. Try making a new hot drink (my fave is hot chocolate with 2 shots of espresso in it)
17. Do some online shopping (Don’t forget to use E-bates with every purchase so you can get money back! If you sign up with my coupon code listed in the post you automatically get $5!)
18. Binge watch a new season on Netflix
19. Update your resume
20. Test out a new Christmas cookie recipe
21. Start a blog!
22. Have an ugly Christmas sweater party
23. Go to a local dive bar for karaoke
24. Start a new activity you’ve been wanting to do – painting, drawing, kitting, sewing, etc.
25. Go to a comedy show
26. Indoor skydiving
27. Plan a pajama party with the girls (wine, Chinese & movies)
28. Download a new playlist to your iPod or phone
29. Go ice-skating
30. Paint your own ceramic piece (I believe you will be able to find a local craft shop that does this)
31. Make peppermint bark, so easy and delicious (check back later today for recipe!)
32. Have a potluck SuperBowl Party!! (VLOG soon to come)
33. Take a hot yoga class and ease your mind
34. Try out a new makeup look
35. See a new movie on premier night
36. Get a pedicure – don’t mistreat your feet just because they are covered
37. DECLUTTER !! Time to downsize? Now is the best time to do it
38. Start planning the details of your next vacation
39. Arcades are always fun no matter the time of year but better to spend time indoors while its freezing out
40. Attend a murder mystery dinner
41. Host an online shopping party for you and your friends! They get to buy some new jewelry, bags, etc. and you earn free products.
42. Download some apps to help you save money (i.e. Retail me not, SNIP SNAP, COUPONS, ETC)
43. Develop an indoor workout routine
44. Sports event (football, basketball, hockey)
45. Don’t forget to kiss under the mistletoe
46. Treat yourself (and your hubby) with some sexy new lingerie
47. Stock up on next year’s wrapping paper and Christmas décor right after the holiday ends. Kmart has sales and you can get items for under $1!
48. Visit a brewery and try a sample of every beer
49. Build an indoor fort
50. Buy a memory jar to store everything from the small details to your wildest adventures!

I really hope this list was helpful and can contribute to sprucing up your winter just a little bit more!  Please comment below if you have any other ideas or if you decide to do one of these let me know about your experience &  please don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel 💋  I’m working on a lot of  videos and posts to come xox


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