Sweater Dress & Lace Thigh Highs

Happy Thursday my friends! I just got back from vacation late Monday evening & spent all of Tuesday doing laundry, errands & then having dinner with mine and Joes family’s so it was a nice way to relax before going back to work yesterday (Except for the laundry part, especially when you need to hang dry 90% of your clothes .. anyone else feel that struggle? lol)

I want to try a little something different here. This morning I connected with someone really amazing – we don’t know each other at all, but we started chatting with each other and she really inspired me in such an amazing way! I know it can be so hard to NOT get caught up in the social media world and I find myself guilty at times also, but it’s so important to take a step back and REALIZE what is truly important! When I started this blog, I had NO IDEA which way I was going – I’ve always been into fitness, so I knew I wanted to incorporate that somehow; I love cooking healthy recipes, so I knew I wanted that also; and I like to dress cute (although very AFFORDABLE- sorry, but MOST designer clothes are not me as I go for items that are cost efficient), so I really wanted it to be a combination of the three. I have been focusing mainly on fashion but I want to make a slow transition of combing all of the things I love and think people would enjoy reading/find helpful. I don’t want my posts to ONLY be me posting my outfits, but I want to engage and share what’s on my mind. I want to show my readers that there is more to me behind the clothes- there’s a caring, gentle, loving girl who enjoys nature/ outdoor activities, LOVES animals, isn’t afraid to get a little dirty, would do anything for her family and friends, and just wants the world to be a lot less evil.

So from now on, I’m going to be taking the time to put more into my posts. Even if it’s just a daily ramble, and to show a little bit more of me behind the outfits! So if you want to hop on board for this journey, I can’t wait to share it with you! And if you decide not to, then that’s okay also! When I go to the drive-thru for some coffee today, I’m going to buy a coffee for the person behind me because WHY NOT make someone else feel good, right? Someone did this for me once and it made me the happiest person- all the bad thoughts instantly disappeared. I know there are so many horrible people that we can encounter on a daily basis, and there times when I do interact with a straight up asshole and I say to myself, “I hate people, blah blah blah,” but then you interact with that one nice person and they make you realize AGAIN that there are good people out there! Those are the people who make me want to continue to be nice to others around me; those are the people who make me appreciate the world we are living in. so let’s try to be a little bit better than the person we were yesterday! Who’s with me? If you did/do a good deed today, comment below and let me know!




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