What to Wear to a Fall Wedding


(Not too sure why my skin tone looks pale in this picture!)

It’s been a LONG month so far! Although September is always so hectic, it’s filled with magical moments! As you may (or may not) know, we celebrated many birthdays – my boyfriend’s, his sister, his mom, my girlfriend and my brother’s girlfriend! So needless to say, between birthday gift shopping and planning, ordering cakes, etc. you can imagine how long of a road it has felt like haha. I don’t mind though, because I LOVE planning out celebrations and being non-stop busy! I think I love the rush and how it makes me feel (that may or may not make me crazy HA)!

This weekend, we got to celebrate the marriage of our dear friends! The wedding was beautiful from start to finish! Originally, I had purchased a dress about a month or so ago from Windor. I had gotten the dress in the mail about 2 weeks ago and being the procrastinaro that I am, waited until the day before the wedding to try it on (yes, I just said the day before). Don’t ask why! I think in the back of my head I was just PRAYING that the dress would look as good on me, as it did on the model in the photo! We won’t talk about how it actually looked on me, but clearly you know not great since I got another dress!

This is the dress I originally ordered:

Needless to say, it looked NOTHING like that (sad face). So of course I’m going nuts, thinking “What the heck am I going to wear?!?” Luckily, my mom and I went out for the day so we were on a hunt! I think it was for the best, because it wound up being over 90 degrees on Sunday, and I think I would have passed out from heat exhaustion had I worn long sleeves! Besides that, this dress was very heavy material! We visited my Grandpa at the Nursing home, so we made our way to the mall. I found this dress within 30 minutes of being at the mall and I LUCKED OUT! It was only $34 and super comfortable. I am all for being comfortable no matter what, especially when I have to be wearing it all day long! The wedding started at 2:30, but between the drive there and the shuttle bus, we arrived at 1pm. I was in this dress from 11:30 AM until about 9 PM. Not once did I feel the need to take it off (besides the fact that I felt full because I ate way too much). I was worried about the attached choker part, but was relieved that it was loose and comfortable as well. I couldn’t find the dress online, but I found a lot of very similar dresses that I linked below! I also included Joe’s attire, along with my earrings and shoes (similar). I hope you enjoyed this post and I’ll see ya here tomorrow 🙂



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